Film and Video for Businesses and Event Organisers

Filterlight specialise in capturing your business event in an engaging way with affordable, high quality video.

We use single or multiple cameras, with quality radio microphones, to record and edit footage that you can use to promote your company, get traffic to your website with stylish content or create a YouTube channel.

‘Filterlight are really great to work with and always capture valuable
video of our events. As someone who’s a bit of technophobe I feel really confident when they’re around to record. They deliver consistent high quality audio & visuals, which really capture the essence & atmosphere of our evenings.’

Lewis King – Bettakultcha Host

“Video is an important channel nowadays and really helps attract a new audience. Working with Filterlight has made it easy and cost effective to film all our meetups – recommended.”

Matthew Skelton, founder, CodeMill digital skills

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