Film and Video for Businesses and Event Organisers

Filterlight specialise in capturing your business event in an engaging way with affordable, high quality video.

We use single or multiple cameras, with quality radio microphones, to record and edit footage that you can use to promote your company, get traffic to your website with stylish content or create a YouTube channel.


We searched for a long time to find someone that could make our tech events look good at a price that made sense. Andy’s done a great job.


Event Organiser of Bettakultcha, Ivor Tymchak shows his appreciation to be working with Filterlight to capture his event with broadcast quality cameras and lapel mics.

Ivor Tymchak

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We’ve been open for business for while now but nothing has been very visible here or on the web generally. If you’re running an event for your business with a speaker or several speakers or maybe organising a conference, then capturing the session on video will create an asset you can use long into the future and drastically increase the value of all your organisational effort.

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