Generate Lasting Value From Events With Video

In this short video; Royd Brayshay from NewRedo shares the success of capturing his technology events with video and sharing them online. He also speaks about the journey he went on in trying to capture good quality, engaging video with some of the attendees, who volunteered to help. It turned out to be a lot more complicated than meets the eye and he explains why here.

Our Work with Bettakultcha

An event we are currently filming is called Bettakultcha, which takes place in Leeds, York and Wakefield. It’s always a wacky and fun evening featuring passionate presenters, who stand up and talk about any topic they want for 5 minutes with 20 slides, 15 secs each. The only restriction is NO SALES PITCHES!

Ivor Tymchak, who has held the event for many years has shown his appreciation for the video content we have captured and we’re very enthusiastic about showcasing this brilliant event. There have been many diverse, captivating talks we’ve filmed already, covering a wide range of topics so make sure to check them out on the YouTube channel. Lewis King has recently become the new host of the event, however Ivor is still very much a part of Bettakultcha and even spoke at the last one in April.

Lewis is bringing a new energy to the stage and the change has been an exciting one for the crowd it seems, despite the connection the audience have with Ivor. They are embracing change and the event has still been a success. The infamous cup and spoon trick that has become a memorable part of Bettakultcha still appeared in the last one and there’s still plenty of familiarity there with how it runs.

A particularly amusing part of the evening is the random slide challenges, where volunteers from the audience bravely stand up and talk over a set of slides they’ve never seen before. It surprisingly gets some brilliant coincidences every event and is a lot of fun to watch. There’s footage of these on the YouTube channel as well as the organised 5 min talks so don’t miss out on those either!

Do you host an event? or know of anyone who does? Introducing video content to your brand is a very effective way of building an online presence and generating interest from potential customers. It can generate leads and increase ticket sales so please get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide you with an affordable, high quality service!