Video for Meetup Groups

In our modern era, having a website for your business is virtually essential but for it to really create impact, it needs engaging content that can generate interest from your target audience and help you be found on Google and other popular search engines. For businesses who are already running events, capturing special moments with video is a simple cost effective way to generate extra value from the events they are running, whilst creating content for their website.

Even for a business that doesn’t run events currently, starting to do so, whilst filming them can be a quicker and easier way to generate lots of online content, rather than simply writing blog posts only. Many businesses have found that the level of engagement with video is much higher than with written word content and the popularity of online video continues to rise every year.

Videoing meetups and small to medium business events doesn’t have to be complicated either but in order to get good results some care and planning is required. Nowadays virtually every camera and even our phones can shoot HD video, however if a speaker is standing on stage for more than 10 minutes, this may exceed the maximum clip size of many of devices out there, including DSLRs. This restriction didn’t exist for traditional camcorders, however their recording quality was typically lower than today’s standards.

Filterlight have built a solid track record of capturing meetups and small to medium size business events with professional video and sound equipment, offering a simple, hassle free service, with delivery straight to your YouTube channel or website.

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